Monday, 28 July 2008

Retail Therapy Accomplished.

Well, I have dropped Helen off after our shopping trip to Carmarthen and only got home after 5pm. I didn't mean for it to be a whole day out as I only needed to pick a lampshade up from Laura Ashley and have a spot of lunch but the day just took it's course. I did not do too much damage to the plastic but M&S Food always gets me. So here I am now well into the evening attempting to reply to everyone after feeding animals and hubby and topping myself up with copious amounts of Redbush tea -- if I had a couple of glasses of wine I'd fall asleep.

Once again I have to thank everyone for their welcome and please be patient with me on the replying front. Most of you I have been lurking at for a little while now and I now have a few new blogs to catch up with -- I have to say Kitty your blog rocks, the speakers on my computer are quite powerful, so I think the people staying in our holiday cottages thought I was having a party. I am now going to have to learn to put music on my blog as well as everything else I can't do.

I shall now attempt another picture, it is of another corset I made which is quite simple with some lace made on water soluble fabric.

Now I did not mean for my picture to be at the beginning of the blog but I have just spent ½hr trying to put it here and I am wilting after my day, so I shall leave it where it is. I shall try again tomorrow with another picture.


Jackie said...

Uploading pictures is the bane of my blog life. I'm just working on a theory that if you do the writing first and leave the cursor where you want the picture it might upload to the right spot!

Carol said...

Wow Ellie, another Welsh contingent, i am only in Swansea. Next time you up this way we should meet up! Lovely to find a South Waes blogger!

Kitty said...

Why thank you! I appear to have a 'rock chick' gene hiding amongst my other genes - sorry about the loudness of some of the songs!

Regarding the pictures - here's what I do. I got to hacked off with Blogger messing up my pictures and paragraphs that I now write all my blogs in html straight off. When you're writing a post, you'll see a tab which says 'edit html'. For each paragraph all you need to do is put 'tags' at the beginning and end. < p> at the beginning and < /p> at the end (only close up the gaps). When you upload a picture when in html mode, you'll see the coding for it quite clearly at the top of the post. Simply highlight the code for the picture, right click and choose 'cut'. Then go to lower down in the post - where you want your picture, and paste in the code. Voila! It works for me!

I hope that makes sense and I haven't just confused you even more!

That corset is fabulous - do you wear them, or just make them?


maggik1 said...

Yes, we do appear to have a lot in common, Ellie! Jackie says put all the pictures in in one go and then move them with the cursor - will try that next post. I'll also try Kitty's way. Isn't everyone so kind? Please tell me you can't fit into that sexy corset or I'll be asking you for diet tips!

Gina said...

Your corset is fabulous. If you've seen my website you'll know I've got a thing about corsets. I'm working on another at the moment but progress is slow.
My tip for pictures when blogging is I upload all my pictures first (in the reverse order that I want them) and then fit my writing in around them - probably a bit Heath Robinson but it works for me!