Sunday, 3 August 2008

Pampered, Day of Judgement and All Cleaned Out.

Oh dear! My first week of blogging and it whizzed by. I did not do as much as I meant to and still have not mastered a few things. Life does tend to take over at times. So I will give you a short breakdown of a few things I've been up to since the last post.

In March I finally had a hysterectomy, which I had been gearing up for since early December when they first started moving the date of the operation (don't get me started on feeble excuses and not being informed about things). I was so wound up I booked a couple of sessions in a local Spa - Celtic Haven and promised myself another session after the op. So on Thursday I was 'Detoxed and Rejuvenated' (massage) followed by an Anti ageing facial. BLISS. Since having the op (when they whipped everything out including the ovaries, sorry too much information) I am in danger of becoming obsessed with everything heading south -- believe me it was going at a pace before. I haven't had children to blame it on, just a liking of too much food and a dislike of exercise -- so any pleasurable way to help the situation is welcomed.

When I got home the decorator who has been painting our hallway / stairs / upstairs passages and all doors etc. had finished so it was a good day all round. The only thing is now I have to do 'wifey' things now like cleaning pictures and mirrors before re-hanging them, 'wifey' does not come naturally to me.

Day of Judgement
On Friday after a changeover on one of our cottages, it was a quick change just in time for my cousin who picked me up and off we rushed to judge at a local horticultural show. Janet to judge floral arranging and me the handicrafts. Now the only thing is that most people entering do not realise we judge there most years--- now that's fine with flowers but in the handicrafts people keep entering the same things year after year. So people who may have had a 1st at sometime do not get placed now -- they probably think the judge does not have any taste, but I think it's only fair when someone has entered a newly made item. Sorry I'm starting to ramble. It's a very small show but quite well supported. I meant to take a picture for you but once sandwiches and sponge were mentioned I got distracted and forgot.

Cleaned Out
Normally I clean our holiday cottages with Mac(husband) on the vacuum cleaner and fetching and carrying. But this year, as I did not know how I would be after the op I had to arrange for cleaners to come in. They do their bit and then I check everything and titivate and put things how I like them -- the words 'Control Freak' have been mentioned. However this weekend the girls were off so I came into my own and turned into Mrs. Mop, this only happens with the cottages as money is involved. So between the changeovers on Friday & Saturday I am - forgive the expression - Knackered and all cleaned out - my excuse for having a very 'lived in' house.

And here we are Sunday afternoon and finally trying to catch up in front of the computer. Now I promised a few more pictures which I have mastered now - Thanks once again to everyone for their tips. The only thing is I need to take new pictures of my work with posting in mind so bear with me again please. However .........

I love orchids. You are now going to find out that I have a lot more photos of orchids then of my work. These are photos I took when on one of our holidays to Madeira. I'm not very good at taking photos, I tend to point the camera leave it on auto and hope for the best. I wish there was a pill you could pop that would programme you to work your latest digital /technical item you have acquired.

So here is one ---

and another ......

and another.

They are just so seductive and addictive. Hope you like them.

Jackie, if I ever manage to put up a play list I will put it at the top and I will try and be gentle with my choice if music and I'll try not to let Bat out of Hell creep in. I have yet to work out how you get what you want where you want, at the side.
Gina, yes I had spotted your gorgeous corsets they are fabulous.
I hope you both don't mind but I am using you as guinea pigs, as I think I have sussed how to link but do not know if it will work until I have posted. I have also discovered I have to do my blog writing before I start reading everyones because I just get sidetracked. So until next time - Farewell.


Jackie said...

The link works!Well done.

Gina said...

Yep! My link works too! Love the pictures of your orchids. At our village show we are only allowed to enter handicrafts that have been made in the past year - most people seem to stick to it.

Aussie Jo said...

Lovely orchids, and your blog is great fun to read. I found you via Maggie Grey. I have just had a Hard drive die so am just putting back all my favourites. I am into FME so I'll keep checking back to see what you are up to.